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12 Month Payday Loans- loans for quick money, but long pay back!

No matter what the situation might be, if you are in a spot, then 12 month payday loans are a great option. These loans are easily located and applied for. All it needs is good internet skills and a little bit of looking. A good website is the best option to go for, as the loans are checked out and verified. These websites are mainly for the connecting of those who need money and those willing to lend it. Payday loans are available for short term loans. They are called payday loans as they can be paid off when the next payday comes along within the period of a month. These are 12 month payday loans as the sanctions and processing takes only a day and money is made available to your account directly. A debit card can be used to pull the money out. All payment and transfers are done online so that there is clear trial left of transactions. This makes it easier to ensure that there is no exploitation at a later stage.

The paperwork for these loans is nonexistent, as it is all online and can be completed within an hour at the very maximum. All that is needed, is UK citizenship, to be old enough to work, vote and marry, that is over 18 years. And a functional bank account that allows for wireless transactions so that one can access the money once it has been transferred to you. Some lenders ask for a steady job as one of the criteria as well. All the lenders are trustworthy, and the website runs checks on these 12 month payday loans. The amounts range from £80 to £1500 and the rates of interest vary.

Often these sites provide comparison options that can be availed of. Also most of them will have a communication team that can answer any queries or questions that one might have regarding these loans and their legality. Also, they are great for the reason, that credit scores are dramatically improved if one takes and pays off these 12 month payday loans within stipulated time and conditions. They can be paid off within a period of a month. And options can be paying off in small amounts weekly or making a lump sum payment. In case of default a high fine is charged, but in case payment is made within time, it is beneficial.

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Justin Keener of JMJ Financial to Speak on Private Placements at the Growth Capital Expo in Las Vegas

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 09, 2015

JMJ Financial, the leading investment fund for small cap publicly traded companies, today announced that its founder and portfolio manager, Justin Keener, will lead a panel session discussing the increasing popularity of private placements in public entities, also called PIPEs, at the Growth Capital Expo in Las Vegas on April 13, 2015.

Im looking forward to discussing the many benefits that developing companies can gain through the effective use of these financial instruments, said Keener. We have many success stories in our portfolio, companies who have grown and prospered through the use of our QuickLoans as a component of their financing strategy.

Recognized as a pioneer and industry leader in the development and utilization of PIPEs, Keener has lead JMJ Financials investments in hundreds of growing public companies over the last 15 years, most recently with the creation of the QuickloanTM.

JMJ Financials innovative QuickLoanTM has revolutionized access to unsecured working capital for small, publically-held companies. With a streamlined funding process and simple documents, JMJs QuickLoans provide a simple path from initial contact to funding, often within a few days. The firm invests its own capital, facilitating rapid decisions and removing reliance on outside investors or third parties. Most QuickLoans range from $ 50,000 to $ 250,000, with the opportunity for continued investments over the long term.

About JMJ Financial

JMJ Financial is a privately held investment firm that specializes in providing growth and development capital to emerging small cap companies. JMJ invests its own capital into transactions designed to build long term working relationships with a focused group of innovators. The company has offices in San Diego, CA and Miami, FL. Visit

About the Growth Capital Expo

The Growth Capital Expo brings together the best ideas, the most promising companies and the top deal makers in emerging growth finance. Join 300 of the top growth company executives, investors and finance specialists focused on the pre-IPO and public microcap market for an unparalleled experience in education, networking and deal making. Visit

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Mortgage Rates Finally Catch A Break After 8 Day Losing Streak

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 12, 2015

Mortgage rates had been losing ground for 8 straight days – every business day in February up till this point. But mortgage rates finally caught a break today with slightly improved levels after European headlines and a weaker than expected retail sales report nudged things in the right direction. But will this new direction for mortgage rates gain momentum and bring back lower levels? California full-service mortgage company, Blue Home Loans, Inc., has been helping clients to gain the maximum amount of savings on their home loans for many years and now takes a look at the recent mortgage rate trends and gives some advice for those who have home loan plans for the near future.

The California mortgage company takes a look at the report from real estate news website, Mortgage News Daily, posted this February 12th, 2015, which says, Markets hadn’t shown rates any love for 8 straight business days–every day in February. That finally changed today, albeit only slightly. European headlines left bond markets (which guide mortgage rates indirectly) in limbo overnight and weak economic data this morning helped trading levels to improve. That, in turn, allowed most lenders to improve rate sheets by a small amount compared to yesterday’s latest offerings. 3.75% and 3.875% remain the two most prevalently quoted conventional 30yr fixed rates for top tier scenarios.

Blue Home Loans explains that while it is definitely a good thing that things have stopped moving up for mortgage rates, the jury is still out as to whether this positivity will be here to stay. Markets will be looking to Europe early next week and headlines from that front will likely decide the fate of domestic mortgage rates. The MND article explains,

Yesterday’s meeting with Greece and its Eurozone creditors failed to produce any change in Greece’s current collision course. Officials noted that they’d be working on “something” on Monday, but were clear to say that markets shouldn’t get their hopes up. Markets likely won’t be too eager to move too far in either direction until there’s more clarity out of Europe. That decreases both the risk and reward associated with floating in the short term, though the risks should always be respected if you can’t afford to lose any ground if the market moves against you.

The California mortgage company also explains that with Monday being a holiday, there will be a long wait for those who are holding their breath to see what will happen with mortgage rates now that February is finally showing rates some love. Blue Home Loans advises that anyone who has not applied for a home loan yet should definitely consider doing so soon, since that will put them in the best position to lock in any gains that may be apparent in the weeks to come or, in the worst case scenario, lock in to prevent further losses if rates start to rise again. In either case, California borrowers who want the best chances of finding the best mortgage rates in California can put their trust in the mortgage experts at Blue Home Loans, Inc.

Co-owner of Blue Home Loans, Brandon Blue, says, I love the personal satisfaction that I receive when I am able to save my clients both time and money–getting them the best deal I possibly can on their home loan. Whether you are looking to purchase your dream home, or want to save money on your existing home, feel free to give me a friendly phone call. I promise that you will not be given some cheesy sales pitch, and that I will listen to your mortgage needs without utilizing any high pressure sales tactics.

For more information on how Blue Home Loans can help California home loan borrowers get approved for their home purchase loan or refinance quickly, please visit or call 1-888-929-BLUE (2583) to speak with an experienced mortgage professional.

California Bureau of Real Estate — BRE #01938557 NMLS #1162386

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